Mendocino County Cannabis Equity Grant Program


Local Equity Entrepreneur Program (LEEP)

  1. The contract with the Elevate team has ended, as such, we are not able to accept any new applications at this time.
  2. We have very recently completed training one admin to handle the processing through Cobblestone, and you will start to see movement here, slowly but surely. It should also be noted that the review process has stages that take place outside of our department, and it is possible that there is a hold-up in one of the other departments as well.
  3. After review of the LEEP funds, the Mendocino Cannabis Department will no longer be accepting any LEEP waivers beginning Wednesday, April 26, 2023. The remaining funds are currently encumbered in the waivers still awaiting processing. Please stay tuned for our next update, including upcoming news on the next round of funding.

Apply to become eligible for the Local Equity Entrepreneur Program (LEEP)

Applicants must meet the criteria in each of the three categories below to become a LEEP Program Participant.

Apply for LEEP Grants and Fee Waivers

LEEP Participants will be allowed to apply for the following grants:

Direct Grants of up to $80,000

Fee and Permit Waiver Grants of up to $30,000

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