Mendocino County Cannabis Equity Grant Program

Welcome to the Mendocino County Cannabis Equity Grant Program website. The program is launching its Local Equity Entrepreneur Program (LEEP) where individuals can apply to qualify for grants and services to help grow their cannabis business in Mendocino County. Submit an eligibility application to receive an Equity or LEEP identification number to be eligible to apply for grand funding and services in late February/Early March 2021.

Apply for the Local Equity Entrepreneur Program (LEEP)

Applicants must meet the criteria in each of the three categories below to be eligible for the LEEP program.


In 2020, Mendocino County was awarded $2.2 million from the Cannabis Equity Grants Program for Local Jurisdictions which is being administered by the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). In addition, the Board of Supervisor’s allocated $100,000 matching grant dollars to support our local Cannabis Equity Program which aims to provide funding and services for those hardest hit by the War on Drugs by lowering barriers to cannabis permitting and licensing.

In order to receive a LEEP designation, all interested applicants must demonstrate eligibility by completing the LEEP Application found here on this website.

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