Mendocino County Cannabis Equity Grant Program

Welcome to the Mendocino County Cannabis Equity Grant Program website. The County is launching its Local Equity Entrepreneur Program (LEEP) where individuals can apply for grants and services to help grow their cannabis business in Mendocino County.

The LEEP program requires a two-step application process:

Step 1: Become a LEEP Participant by completing the LEEP Eligibility Application to receive a LEEP Number.

Step 2: Use your LEEP Number to apply for grant funding and technical assistance services.

Apply to become eligible for the Local Equity Entrepreneur Program (LEEP)

Applicants must meet the criteria in each of the three categories below to become a LEEP Program Participant.

Apply for LEEP Grants and Fee Waivers

LEEP Participants will be allowed to apply for the following grants:

Direct Grants of up to $80,000

Fee and Permit Waiver Grants of up to $30,000

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