Fee Waiver Required Documents

Fee Waiver Grant Applicants are required to answer the following question and upload the following information:

> Applicants are required to upload the following:

  • The LEEP designation award e-mail

  • An email, fee estimate, letter, or memo of verification from the designated County department providing verification that you meet the requirements to apply for the permit, license, or application assistance meetings or fees.

> For each Fee Waiver the applicant seeks, the applicant should answer the following questions:

Q1: Fee type and qualifications:

  • What type of fee waiver are you applying for?
  • What is the amount of the fee waiver?
  • Do you currently meet the qualifications needed to apply for or be issued the selected permit or license? (Yes/No)

Q2: How will the requested fee waiver assist your business operations? Please limit your response to 100-500 words.

Fee Waiver Application Scoring
In the Fee Waiver application, there are 2 questions, noted above, with up to 5 points allocated to each question for a total of 10 possible points. Points will be allocated as follows:

  • 1-2 points limited or minimal description
  • 3-4 points adequate description
  • 5 points for clear and comprehensive description

A minimum score of 7 is required to pass. If a question or requirement is not addressed in the application, 0 points will be given for that question or requirement. Applicants who do not pass initially will be given feedback and encouraged to reapply.