How to Apply for a LEEP Direct Grant

Step 1: Get Eligible:

Obtain a LEEP Designation and Eligibility Number by completing the Eligibility Application found here.

Step 2: Apply for a Grant:

Complete the LEEP Direct Grant application by answering the questions and uploading the required documents. A list of documents found here.

Step 3: Application Review:

Applications will be reviewed by Elevate Impact Mendo staff to ensure that the application is complete. When complete, the application will be sent to the Elevate Impact Grant Committee for review. If the application is not complete, the applicant will receive an email explaining which documents are missing and the applicant will be able to resubmit their application.

Step 4: Committee Review:

Completed applications will be submitted to Elevate Impact for review. If the Application passes, the Applicant will receive an email saying that the application has been approved. If the Application fails, an Elevate Impact Staff person will call the Applicant to explain what they can do to improve their score. The Applicant can then resubmit their Application.

Step 5: Grant Signing:

When a grant is approved, the Elevate Impact Staff Member will send an email to the Applicant and to the County of Mendocino stating that the grant has been approved. Next, Elevate Staff will virtually meet with the Applicant to review, complete and e-sign the grant documents. Afterwards, the grant documents will be signed by the County of Mendocino. Individuals who are awarded grant funding will be required to sign a Grant Agreement within 60 days of issuance of the grant award notification letter, or the grant funding will be forfeited.

Step 6: Grant Disbursement:

The Applicant will establish a vendor account with the County of Mendocino and will subsequently receive payment from the County of Mendocino.

Step 7: Data Tracking:

After funding grant recipients will be required to provide receipts to Elevate Impact detailing actual grant expenditures which will be consolidated into a report for the State. The grant recipient will also be required to complete a state demographic questionnaire.