How to Apply for a LEEP Eligibility

Step 1: Begin the LEEP Eligibility application found here on this website.

Step 2: To provide evidence that the applicant meets the LEEP criteria, the applicant must upload a Required Document in each of the following three categories, as part of their application:

Jurisdiction Documents

Equity Documents

Driver’s license, passport or other government issued ID to verify identity

Federal Tax filings to demonstrate compliance

Mendocino County cannabis tax payment receipt or statement showing outstanding amount due

Step 3: Once an application has been received, it will be reviewed by the Elevate Impact Mendo Staff to verify whether the Applicant meets the LEEP criteria.

If the Elevate Staff has questions or does not view the application as complete or satisfactory, the applicant will be given feedback and the opportunity to supply additional information.

Step 4: Once Elevate Staff confirms that the applicant meets the LEEP criteria, the applicant will receive a confirmation email including their LEEP Eligibility Designation and LEEP Number.