LEEP Direct Grant Categories

LEEP Designees can apply for up to $50,000 in Direct Grant Funds (disbursed in two $25,000 tranches) in the following categories:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Capital Improvement
  • Fixtures or Equipment
  • Training and Retention of Equity Verified Workforce

Sample projects for how grant funds can be used in each of these categories are summarized below.

Regulatory Compliance Sample Projects:

  • Survey or Site Plan Development
  • Biological Study/ Botanical or Fish and Wildlife Survey
  • Site Management Plan
  • Storm and Wastewater Management
  • Water Availability Analysis
  • Erosion and Sediment Control
  • Cleanup or Abatement of Hazardous Materials
  • Stream and Stream Bank Restoration
  • Permit(s) associated with capital improvement project

Capital Improvement Sample Projects:

  • Culvert Installation or Replacement
  • Rainwater Catchment System Installation
  • Installing Solar Electrical System to Replace Generators
  • Road or Parking Area Remediation
  • Accessibility related project (ADA Requirements for Building Project)

Fixtures or Equipment Sample Projects:

  • Rain Catchment Water Tank
  • Ventilation System for indoor cultivation
  • Machinery
  • Road or Parking Area Remediation

Training and Retention of Equity Verified Workforce Sample Projects:

  • Training of equity verified candidates
  • Employee Skill Related Training Course
  • Organic Farming Certification
  • Generative Farming and Bio Dynamic Certification
  • OSHA Training