LEEP Direct Grant Required Documents

LEEP Direct Grant Required Documents
Direct Grant Applicants are required to answer the following questions and upload the following information:

> Applicants are required to upload the following documents:

  • LEEP designation award e-mail
  • Spreadsheet of the Budget of the Proposed Project. The budget line items should total the requested grant amount. The budget should be accompanied by a narrative explaining each line item.
  • Proposed Project Timeline with project milestones and completion dates.
  • Contractor’s Scope of Work

> Applicant must indicate which direct grant category they seek funding for:

  • Budget
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Capital Improvement
  • Fixtures or Equipment
  • Training and Retention of Workforce

> Applicants must answer the questions below and limit each answer to between 100 and 500 words

Q1: Describe how your proposed project anticipates use of requested funds. Include information regarding attempts to secure alternative funding and describe how the proposed project falls within one or more of the Direct Grant Categories.

Q2: Describe how the project and or grant request will result in the creation or retention of jobs in Mendocino County.

Q3: Describe how this project will add to the sustainability of Mendocino County Cannabis Industry.

Q4: Describe how this proposed project will assure regulatory compliance of local or state permits or licenses, or mitigate adverse environmental effect of cannabis cultivation or other activities.

Q5: Describe how this requested grant is needed to become solvent.

Q6: Describe and define the objectives and outcomes of the proposed project and how grant funds would help you meet the stated objectives and outcomes.

Q7: Describe activities/work already conducted toward meeting objectives (prior research/planning, assessments, permitting, investment, contractor/vendor bids/estimates for equipment or professional services).

Q8: Describe how the applicant will secure the necessary resources (i.e., skilled personnel, consultant(s), building permit(s), business plan, business structure, etc.) needed to achieve desired outcomes.

Q9: Describe how the proposed project will have a positive effect on the environment and long-term sustainability focused on one or more of the following:

  • Restoration
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Resource Conservation
  • The Application of Alternative Energy
  • The Use of Recycled Materials
  • Other Environmental Enhancement (i.e. regenerative farming practices)

Q10: Describe how the proposed project supports industry growth and development and will enhance the County’s competitive edge.

Direct Grant Application Scoring
In the Direct Grant application, there are 13 questions listed with a total possible score of up to 75 points.
Questions 1 – 12 are allocated up to 5 points each for a total of 60 possible points. Question 13, the budget, will allocated up to 15 points.
Questions 1-12 will be scored as follows:
  1. Please upload your LEEP Designation Award email here
  2. Please indicate which direct grant category for which you are applying funding (check all that apply):

  • 1-2 points limited or minimal description
  • 3-4 points adequate description
  • 5 points for clear and comprehensive description

Question 13, the budget question will be scored as follows:

  • 5 points for limited or minimal description
  • 10 points for adequate description
  • 15 points for clear and comprehensive description

A minimum score of 45 is required to pass. If a question or requirement is not addressed in the application, 0 points will be given for that question or requirement. Applicants who do not pass initially will be given feedback and encouraged to reapply.