LEEP Direct Grant Required Documents

LEEP Direct Grant Required Documents
Direct Grant Applicants are required to answer the following questions and upload the following information:

Applicants are required to upload the following documents:

  • LEEP Eligibility Certification Letter or email with corresponding LEEP Eligibility Number
  • Business Executive Summary
  • Spreadsheet of the Budget of the Proposed Project. The budget line items should total the requested grant amount. The budget should be accompanied by a narrative explaining each line item
  • Written Budget Narrative
  • Contractor’s Scope of Work (if applicable)

Applicant must indicate which direct grant category they seek funding for:

  • Budget
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Capital Improvement
  • Fixtures or Equipment
  • Training and Retention of Workforce

Applicants must answer the following question in a minimum of 100 words: How will the grant funding help your business?

Direct Grant Application Scoring
Direct Grant Applications will be scored on a Pass/Fail basis.
If an applicant passes, they will proceed to closing which includes grant document signing and funds disbursement.
If an applicant fails, they will receive feedback on how to improve their application and will have the opportunity to re-apply.