LEEP Equity Criteria

In order to meet the LEEP Equity Criteria, the LEEP applicant must meet one, but not all, of the following Equity Qualifications:
  • Be an individual who has lived within a 5-mile radius of the location of raids conducted by the Campaign against Marijuana Planting (CAMP) program.
  • Be an individual who has a parent, sibling or child who was arrested for or convicted of the sale, possession, use, manufacture or cultivation of cannabis (including as a juvenile).
  • Be an individual who was arrested and/or convicted of a non-violent cannabis-related offense, or was subject to asset forfeiture arising from a cannabis-related event AND has either (i) obtained or applied for a cannabis permit/facilities business license in Mendocino County OR (ii) has worked in or currently works in the cannabis industry.
  • Be an individual who has experienced sexual assault, exploitation, domestic violence, and/or human trafficking while participating in the cannabis industry.
  • Be an individual who has become homeless or suffered a loss of housing as a result of cannabis enforcement.
Equity Criteria Required Documentation
Please provide one of the following:
  • Public records: Newspaper articles, arrest records, neighbor sworn statement, etc.
  • Public records: Arrest records, Sheriff’s logs, etc. The arrest related document must reference a non-violent cannabis related arrest, anywhere in the USA.
  • Permits, employer verification, forfeiture records.
  • Personal Statement from crisis center, counselor, friend or family member.
  • Court record or eviction notice