Technical Assistance Funding Categories

LEEP Designees may apply for up to 12 hours in one-on-one consulting services or 2-hour webinars. Below is a list of one-on-one direct technical assistance services offered:

  • Business Planning/Marketing (5 hours)
  • Accounting Bookkeeping / Financial Projections (5 hours)
  • Loan Application Preparation (3 hours)
  • Human Resources Management (2 hours)
  • Capital Procurement Services (2 Hours)
  • Business Operations (5 hours)   

Below is a list of Business Development 2-hour webinars that are offered:

  • Write Your Best Business Plan
  • Creating Financial Projections
  • Start and Grow your Cannabis Business   
  • Get Customers Now: Marketing/Social Media
  • Accounting Bookkeeping
  • Understanding Cannabis Cultivation Regulations
  • Understanding the Cannabis Permitting Process

 Below is a list of Cannabis Cooperative 2-hour webinars that are offered:

  • Introduction to the Cooperative Model- Pros and Cons of the Cannabis Cooperative Model
  • The Role of Governing documents of Cannabis Cooperatives- bylaws, mission, vision statements
  • Process of Forming a Cannabis Cooperative               
  • Cannabis Cooperative leadership models members, directors, organization, elections
  • State Regulations, Policy, and Taxation laws for Cannabis Cooperatives in California
  • Get Customers Now: Marketing/Social Media