Technical Assistance Required Documents

Technical Assistance Grant Applicants are required to answer the following question and upload the following information:
  • Applicants are required to upload their LEEP Designation email

  • Applicants are required to indicate the type of Technical Assistance they would like to receive

  • Applicants are required to answer the following question in a minimum of 100 words: How will the requested technical assistance help your business?

Technical Assistance Application Scoring
The Technical Assistance Grant Application will scored on a Pass/Fail basis. Upon passing, Applicants will proceed to the Award step described below. If an application fails, the applicant will receive feedback from Elevate Impact and will be encouraged to re-apply.
Technical Assistance Award Process
Applicants that receive LEEP TA Grant Awards will receive a grant award notification email explaining how they can receive the service.  Grant recipients will be asked to sign and return an acknowledgement that they have received the TA Grant. After completed the TA service, applicants will be asked to complete a survey about their experience.